Stainless Steel Balustrading

Our Stainless Steel balustrades are SANS compliant, don’t rust, are low-maintenance and strong enough to last a lifetime. Suitable for balconies, stairs, decks, swimming pool enclosure or anywhere a balustrade, banister or railing is needed.

  • We use A-Grade 304, 316 or 441 Stainless Steel.
  • Standard posts are 38.1 mm round tubing and 1.2 mm thick for maximum strength. Thicker posts can be installed on request.
  • Handrails are 50.8 mm round tubing with a solid engineered endcap on each end. 
  • The standard classic look has five or six 16 mm horizontal stainless steel rods tig-welded between the two posts. Tig-welding ensures no welds are visible and that the balustrade forms a solid unit.
  • A solid base-plate, laser cut to size, slides over the post for a perfect finish at floor level.
  • If a timber handrail is preferred, we can install a variety of shapes. 
  • We also combine Stainless Steel Wire Cable with Stainless Steel components in various designs.
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